Dave Grohl

Singer, composer, and guitarist Dave Grohl was born on January 14, 1969, in Ohio, USA. As a child, his family moved to Springfield, Virginia, where Dave attended school. There he started playing guitar with a group called Freak Baby. When the band gave up the services of their drummer, Grohl took over the instrument and the band was renamed “Mission Impossible”. After going through several bands, Dave Grohl became part of Scream in 1987 as a drummer, a hardcore punk band from Washington that had formed in 1981.

Grohl remained with Scream for four years, until the band broke up. At that time, he received notice that there was a vacancy in the band Nirvana, led by Kurt Cobain. Grohl called Kurt and after an audition, he was admitted to the band. Along with Nirvana, he began recording the band’s second album, “Nevermind,” released in 1991. The album became a huge success. At the same time, Dave Grohl began to develop a solo career, with the publication of some EPs under the pseudonym “Late!

After Cobain’s death in 1994, Grohl took a break. Once he recovered from the shock of the Nirvana leader’s death, Dave locked himself back in the studios to record a demo with several songs he had composed, playing all the instruments himself. At the end of that same year, he toured with Tom Petty, rejecting an offer from the latter to do something beyond this tour together.

After receiving an offer to record new material, Grohl gathered a group of musicians (including Nirvana’s guitarist, Pat Smear), and in 1985 the group Foo Fighters was born, with whom he released his eponymous album that same year. After a triumphant tour with Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl publishes the soundtrack of the film “Touch”, in which he played the instruments and voices. It is well-known that the members of the band are always moving around the stage, like in that famous Foo Fighters gig at a casino in Las Vegas, when Dave got pretty close to the audience. When Foo Fighters are having gigs in a casino, some of their fans enjoy listening to their music even when they are playing casino games, but some of them just want to enjoy their songs, and play casino games later, when they get home, thanks to all those popular mobile casinos. Just to know, you are also able to play mobile casino games and get the best USA casino bonus offers and no deposit promotions.

In 1997 the second album of Foo Fighters is released, “The Colour and the Shape”, followed by other albums such as “There Is Nothing Left to Lose” (1999), “One by One” (2002), “In Your Honor” (2005) or “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” (2007).

Chris Shiflett

Christopher Aubrey Shiflett was born May 6, 1971, and he is better known by his stage name Chris Shiflett, is an American punk and alternative rock guitarist best known for being a member of the band Foo Fighters. The Foo Fighters had already lost their two previous guitarists, Pat Smear (who had played in the legendary punk band The Germs and was the Nirvana touring guitarist in his final days) and Franz Stahl (Grohl’s former bandmate in Scream) when their third album “There is Nothing Left to Lose” was released. For this reason, they were auditioning guitarists and this was an opportunity that Shiflett did not miss. So he joined the group shortly after the release of the album, just in time to go on tour with them. From the album “One by one”, he continued to play as a full-time member.

Pat Smear

Pat Smear was born on August 5, 1959and he is an American rock guitarist, former member of the band Germs and current member of Foo Fighters. He is also known for playing live with Nirvana as a rhythmic guitarist. For all these years Smear has been active alongside live performances with Foo Fighters as a special guest. But in 2011, for Foo Fighters ‘ new album, Smear was part of the studio recordings and even the first performances that have been made promoting the album. On February 1, it was announced the new album of Foo Fighters and also the permanent return of Smear to the group.

Nate Mendel

Nathan Gregor Mendel was born in 1968 and is a US alternative rock bassist, best known for being a member of the Foo Fighters. He started his musical career with a punk band called diddly Squat, then joined two other of this genre and somewhat famous: Christ on a Crutch and Brotherhood. Along with his band Sunny Day Real Estate he became one of the pioneers of emo in the early 90’s, until the year 1995 when they disbanded and was recruited by Dave Grohl as the bassist of their new group, Foo Fighters. He composed and played the musical score for the Independent Film Our burden is light, where he also played a supporting role as the boyfriend and bassist of the lead actress’s best friend. The group he plays within the film, Bleeder, consists of himself accompanied by Jessica Ballard and Taylor Hawkins.

Taylor Hawkins

Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born February 17, 1972, and he is an American musician, best known for being the drummer for Foo Fighters. After touring during the spring of 1996, the group entered the studio in Seattle with producer Gil Norton to record their second album. A conflict arose between Dave Grohl and the then drummer William Goldsmith, which eventually caused the latter’s departure. The band then regrouped in Los Angeles and re-recorded practically the entire album with Grohl on drums. This album, The Colour And The Shape was released on March 20, 1997. In search of a new drummer, Grohl contacted Taylor Hawkins (who was doing this live work for Alanis Morissette) to ask if he could recommend anyone. Grohl was surprised that Hawkins himself volunteered, and so he made his debut with the Foo just in time for the release of the album. He has remained the drummer of the group since then.

Rami Jaffee

Rami Jaffee, born March 11, 1969, in Los Angeles. When he was only 13, he bought his first keyboard. He soon began playing with several local bands while being a student at Fairfax High School. He is famous as the keyboardist for The Wallflowers and the work of several artists and bands such as Foo Fighters, Soul Asylum, Pete Yorn, Pearl Jam, Stone Sour, and Arturo Jose.