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Garage Tour


Welcome to this Foo Fighters garage tour website, where every fan could find all information regarding the band, history and their first beginnings, all about the upcoming Foo Fighters US tours, latest news and everything about the band’s members. All fans should know, that the band is working on a new project, and when you are working with Dave Gohl, you know that you should get ready for something out of the series. Keep calm, it’s definitely worth the wait. Keep reading about the band’s music style, their greatest hits and awards, and the best of all, here you can find out everything about the garage tour, and if you like to be the next host, this is the right place to be. Another good place to be is this new website that gives stellar reviews to the most popular casino establishments. The review in question here is of Bet365, a name that many know but not many know how exactly functions, now you can find out.

Foo Fighters Garage Tour

The band was looking for an interesting way of entertaining their fans, and aside of making new songs, they decided to do something more extreme. Go to the houses of their fans, and turn their garages in mini-stages all around the US so they can promote the new album “Wasting Light” in a completely different way. Actually, all the songs from the album were recorded in a garage. All fans loved the idea, because literally, they can be the host of a Foo Fighters’ gig. Amazing, right? With this tour they have proofed that no clubs or arenas are needed for a good gig. However, without proper support, organizing this kind of event wouldn’t be that easy. Among the first who has supported this garage tour was the Blackberry team, offering an amazing opportunity for all Foo Fighters lovers. In collaboration with and Blackberry, the lucky ones can get VIP tickets for the Foo Fighter’s upcoming concert. Just sign up on their site, claim the free poker chips, and be patient. We hope you will be one of the five contestants that will enjoy this amazing opportunity.

Greatest Hits

It was practically unbelievable, how Nirvana’s drummer, out of nowhere, has become one of the most successful rock stars. According to our readers we made a list of the 5 most popular Foo Fighter songs, and here are the results: the one with the most votes is for “Everlong”, and when the band plays this song, the public always goes crazy. The second one is “The Pretender”, followed by “The Best of You”. The 4th and the 5th places are for “My Hero”, and “Times Like These”.

Musical Style

Foo Fighters’ musical style has been considered as a combination of post-grunge, alternative rock, and hard rock. When Dave Grohl made the first steps of the band, his music was very similar to the one of his previous band, Nirvana. The greatest influence in his composing had Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s singer and guitarist. Foo Fighters combined quiet stanzas with powerful choruses in their compositions, got the influences by the musical tastes of Nirvana and bands like Bay City Rollers, The Knack, ABBA, and Beatles. Dave was always saying: “I can hear the song in my head before I finish it.” When Grohl finally completed the band, his teammates collaborated on the arrangements for their songs.

Awards and Nominations

Foo Fighters’ first Grammy Award was for the music video of “Learn to Fly” in 2000, and they’ve won ten more in total, including four Grammy Awards in the category of Best Rock Album. The songs “All My Life”, “The Pretender” and “White Limo” got the three awards for Best Performance in Hard Rock music. In 2011, the song “Walk”, won the award for the best rock video. The band was nominated for six Grammy Awards, and they won five out of six, losing only in the album of the Year category.

By following, you will find a bit of the talent that the group’s members have and the unique sound that they have achieved over the years. You will learn a lot about the band’s process, and it’s a fact that Foo Fighters are always in the charts, the moment they have a new album.

A final note to all our fans: Thank you guys for being always here with us all these years, for singing and dancing with us and making every concert the best of our lives. So, get ready for this year, because it’s going to be a crazy year full of crazy stuff.